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Welcome to Echo Writes Words

Welcome to my writing portfolio website. Here I review books, write about writing, and shout out awesome human beings.

Latest from the Blog

My Greeting to the #WritingCommunity

Hello, my lovely fellow writers. I’m Echo Melody Howard. I’m 33 years old and at a crossroads in my life. So I’ve turned to the one thing that I know best, which is writing. I have some familiarity in Twitter from my work in marketing over the years. But, recently, I purged everything from social…

Echo Howard: Writing One Word at a Time

Hey, dear reader. I’m Echo! Pleased to meet you. As a longtime freelance writer, I’ve maintained many blogs and written thousands of articles. I started this website as a way to share more of myself with others. I’ve never been very good at writing autobiographical things. But, I think it’s time. These past few months…

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